Alice Day – April 25

REPOST SORRY IF THIS BOTHERS YOU, BUT YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT THIS! It happens every year. Pedophiles gather together, take their cameras to parks, pools, malls, anywhere children hang out so they can take pics and add them to their collections. Some even take them into Photoshop and alter them to make them sexual. The […]

Become Educated about Pedophiles

QUOTE FROM AN ADMITTED CHILD MOLESTER: “Remember, once I start, I will do everything possible to continue molesting your child. I am sexually turned on by kids and I enjoy being sexual with them. If I have had a lot of practice, I can become very skilled at offending. I will not stop on my […]

Daycare Worker Raped Babies While Boyfriend Directed on Phone

Give me strength! Vile, depraved mutants are breeding and practicing their depraved filth on our innocent children! “Heather Koon was arrested last week for raping a two-year-old baby at the daycare center where she worked in Lorain County, Ohio. Now prosecutors say Koon raped the baby at the request of her boyfriend, James Osborne, who […]