How can Childlove and Christianity be reconciled?


“Two primary ways:

Childlove and Christianity both have the same goals: (1) the protection and love of children; and (2): the redemption of the sinner (pedophile) from a life of sin (child exploitation, molestation, pornography addiction, and other sexual deviance) and salvation from damnation that is the inevitable outcome of sin (imprisonment, both on earth and after death).

Childlove and Christianity both believe Childlove can be a blessing in disguise because it can (1) be a catalyst for which the Holy Spirit can cause a “spiritual stirring” by divine grace in a sinner towards their redemption (in Christ); (2) it can promote healing and charity in the world for the sake of its children and all of its people; and (3) it can ultimately lead the childlover to be fulfilled, at peace, and the best version of themselves (as God intends).”

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