“I’m A Pedophile, Not A Monster”


May 23, 2016 by sirkissa

Todd Nickerson is an “out” pedophile who says he has never abused a child.

Give me a break. Rhetoric, always rhetoric. It’s like they go to the same school because they use the same terms and subjects. He wants understanding and acceptance, he wants pity. Well, he’s not getting it from me. I hope that society and pedos don’t come together. It’s bad enough they have the internet to troll for kids or phone apps that help them find victims. I didn’t fall off the cart yesterday, I’ve been doing this for over a decade.

He wants to be “out”, well let me help. LE is watching this guy and so will I.

5 thoughts on ““I’m A Pedophile, Not A Monster”

  1. Can’t bring myself to watch the video but I’m sure it’s the same arguments I’ve been hearing for years.

  2. I’m slightly confused. As a person who was molested as child it seems to me that he is in total denial or thinks of himself as being different from a child molester. While I am happy that no harm came to the little girl and that he said that he has never molested any children I’m confused when he says that they want to protect the children? He feels that society needs to come together with them to form a middle ground? For what? I pray that he gets help that no children are every hurt by him. I was afraid to watch the video at first but felt I needed to hear it to get a better understanding of what was going on.

    • sirkissa says:

      The bottom line is…how do we as parents know he won’t molest a child? He can say he won’t all he wants, but I am not reassured. Being sexually attracted to a child is incomprehensible to me. After 13 years of doing this, I can’t believe he will not molest a child. There is no way of knowing until it’s too late. I would rather he was not around children. I bet his computer is loaded with child pornography. I sent a report to his local LE, so he’s “out”.

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