“I’m A Pedophile, Not A Monster”

Todd Nickerson is an “out” pedophile who says he has never abused a child.

Give me a break. Rhetoric, always rhetoric. It’s like they go to the same school because they use the same terms and subjects. He wants understanding and acceptance, he wants pity. Well, he’s not getting it from me. I hope that society and pedos don’t come together. It’s bad enough they have the internet to troll for kids or phone apps that help them find victims. I didn’t fall off the cart yesterday, I’ve been doing this for over a decade.

He wants to be “out”, well let me help. LE is watching this guy and so will I.

My Thoughts

As someone who has been actively hunting and reporting pedophiles to LE for 13 yrs, I hear it all. Pedophiles are constantly telling me that I’m wrong. Or they call me everything but a white person because I report them and do background searches on them. Whatever.

I was physically, sexually, verbally and mentally abused until I ran away from home at 17 1/2. I was one messed up kid. But I didn’t let what happened to me own me, I got counseling (12 yrs) and chose to not be an abuser. My heart tells me to be good, not from fear of hell and damnation but because it’s the right thing to do. When I realized my adopted mother was a pedophile, I was floored. I confronted both my “parents” and they denied everything. Told me I was crazy and should be in a mental ward. I was crushed.

But then I got mad and became an activist.