190 Pedophiles Exposed by Anonymous Hacker Group


September 6, 2015 by sirkissa

190 Pedophiles Exposed by Anonymous Hacker Group

6 thoughts on “190 Pedophiles Exposed by Anonymous Hacker Group

  1. Pedophiles are not child molester. Pedophiles rarely molest children. Most child abuse is consensual sex that society and parents convinced the child they were abused. The negative consequences are not from conseual sex but from society telling the child how to feel. We care because we’re decent human beings. People like you pretend to care about children because it makes you all filthy drive to see us good pedophiles suffer and turn it into something you all can pretend is noble. In fact people like you hope children are molested I actually care about children. You see children as “pre-human” with no say. I believe children have rights and age of consent is arbitrary line.

    • sirkissa says:

      You must all go to the same school for you all say the exact same things.

      from http://www.dictionary.com: Pedophile: noun.
      an adult who is sexually attracted to young children.

      As a molested child for 17 yrs growing up by my “mother”, I hope no child will have to go through what I did. NOT ONE BIT OF IT WAS CONSENSUAL. I have your IP and other info and will be doing a background search on you.

    • Utter and complete hogwash, youthrightsradical. Children simply do not have the ability to give meaningful consent to consequential actions like sex. If you have sex with your young friend, you are damaging them irreparably.

      • sirkissa says:

        I absolutely agree. I did NOT enjoy being molested as a young child by my adopted mother and raped by my adopted father at 16.

    • James says:

      You have been watching child porn have downloaded a lot of it and tried to share it. You need to be hacked.

  2. sirkissa says:

    Truth, I’ll have trust issues forever. And it’s ILLEGAL. Doesn’t matter what they do in China or some other country, it doesn’t matter what I think, it’s against the laws of the USA to have sex with a child. Period.

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