Top searches that pull up this blog 2/14/15

Top Searches
brutal anal rape innocent, nepi boy stories, nepi pedo stories, pedophile rapes kid, boylover magazine, utube boys raped by nambla, nepirape, nepi incest free stories, alien nepi rape

Am I the only one who sees how DEPRAVED these are?



3 thoughts on “Top searches that pull up this blog 2/14/15

  1. Yeah, they’re STORIES. people get crazy fantasies since they get jaded to vanilla porn. I am a girl. I also like girls from the age of 9 to 16. I think they’re adorable & lovable. Have I ever touched one? No, because I don’t want to ruin that girl’s life by introducing her to things she’s not ready for. I would never bother a girl in real life. It doesnt interest me, actually. But I love how pretty & innocent they are. Am I a perv? Oh yes. But I will never bother actual girls, like most lolicons or hebephiliacs or ephebophikiacs. It’s just a fantasy, like a fantasy of how a girl can like the fantasy of her husband cheating on here & her catching/watching them. A hot fantasy, but in reality? Nope. Not even interesting. The reality is in fact something one wud never want (unless in a cuckhold type relationship). So for lolicons like me, we read stories to get our juices flowing, and that’s it. And I know that is the majority of the people who are searching these things. “Nepi” is a word only found in the erotic story world.

    There is a lot of misinformation about people who are attracted to younger boys/girls. Most men actually are attracted to 16year olds, cuz it’s a subconscious sign of fertility. No one ever talks about it though. I’m thankful I’m a girl too, cuz the stigma is much worse for men. But there is no NAMBLA for girls, so there is no support group for information or ppl to talk to 😦

    I would never support rape of anybody, BTW. All I’m endorsing is reading erotica & being honest with your feelings.

    1. Tell me then. How are we parents supposed to know which of you will molest and which won’t? It’s not like you wear a sign and even then that’s not enough proof. So we watch all of you because there is no way of telling.

      1. Do you know what a Nepi sexual is? Someone attracted to babies and toddlers 0-5. That is depraved. That has nothing to do with fertility, most pedos want young kids to groom and eventually molest. I wrote about the 18 month old baby who was suffocated by her father’s erect penis. Mutant!!

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