Hacking group Anonymous to target paedophiles using the ‘dark web’ to carry out child abuse


Hacking group Anonymous are targeting international paedophile rings
‘Operation Death Eaters’ is campaign aiming to expose ‘paedosadists’
Global project is building a grassroots database of international cases
Hopes to ultimately expose an ‘international cult’ of child sex abuse
Calling on followers to research cases of high level corruption
Also demands ‘end to human trafficking and abuse complicity worldwide’
Named ‘Operation Death Eaters’ after Voldemort’s band of evil followers in the Harry Potter series, the group is calling for a global effort in exposing the paedophile rings through the power of social media.

Tens of millions of images of child abuse are believed to be circulating online on the ‘dark web’, many showing such graphic abuse that the media is turning a blind eye to the problem, experts warned this week.
Figures from the European Commission’s Global Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Online suggest 50,000 new child abuse images are uploaded each year – of which more than 70 per cent are images of children under the age of 10.
Heather Marsh, author of Binding Chaos and who works with Anonymous, said: ‘Our central objective is to establish independent, internationally linked, victim-led inquiries into high level complicity, obstruction of justice and cover-ups in the paedosadism and child trafficking industries.
‘The premise behind OpDeathEaters is to expose high level complicity, obstruction of justice and cover up in the paedosadist industry in order to show the need for independent inquiries.’