One Of The Most Horrific Sex Rings In Memory

‘One Of The Most Horrific Sex Rings In Memory’: Sena Trio Allegedly Filmed Kids Having Sex With A Dog, Among Other Charges “Terrie L. Sena, her ex-husband Christopher Sena and his current wife Deborah Sena were in court on Tuesday facing charges of sexual abuse, incest, bestiality and felony child abuse. The threesome was allegedly […]

Tabitha Syrah from Christian Boylove Forum and others – UPDATE 7/13/17

Tabitha Syrah Age: 52 tabithachurch, Girl Whisperer Tweets by tabitha_churl I am Founder of Priory Soul Temple. Author of The Absolute Truth of All Things. Radical feminist.  1295 Upvotes  Seattle  Joined Feb 10, 2017 IP: IP: Network Net Range – CIDR Name WASHINGTON-17 Handle NET-71-231-0-0-1 Parent JUMPSTART-5 (NET-71-224-0-0-1) Net […]