Florida Boy Charged With More Than 100 Counts Related To Child Pornography

The depraved are getting younger and younger.

Jared Kyle Henry, 16, is being held on $802,000 bond. Hillsborough Co. Jail booking photo

A Florida boy who faces more than 100 charges involving child pornography possessed at least one image of himself molesting a child, investigators said.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement said they are worried that there could be other victims of 16-year-old Jared Kyle Henry, according to The Ledger. Henry is being charged as an adult.

from: The Huffington Post

Henry attended Plant City High School and agents believe there may be additional victims. If you have any information about Henry or this case, please contact Special Agent Michael Miller at the FDLE Tampa Bay Regional Operations Center at (800) 226-1140.

Christian, huh?

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If I went to heaven….
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…I’d only ruin it for everyone else.

I’d do great in hell though.
Prince of fucking darkness.

Narcissistic and hypocritical. Doesn’t say much for Tabs form of “Christianity” does it?