I am not a Satanist, I have never been a Satanist and never will be a Satanist. Got it? Stop trying to change the subject. This blog is about PEDOPHILES AND CHILD MOLESTERS and what they do. If the truth hurts…

I changed my avatar as I’m tired of it being used to deflect the topic of child abuse to nonsense. Oy.

Satanic avatar – seriously??


“From Girl Chat:
Garbage blogger
Posted by Pierro on Wednesday, February 5 2014 at 05:12:29pm

Obsessed with murder and rape stories and sporting a satanic avatar to boot!”

Are you dumber than a box of rocks? My avatar was made from the above picture. It is a little girl signing “I love you” in American Sign Language (ASL), you dolt. My avatar also has the word DEAF on it because my son is deaf. A devils horn is with a CLOSED THUMB, Pierro. And obsessed? Yes I am with protecting children from child molesters. The only enjoyment I get out of it is outing you and educating the public about your tactics.

“Satanic avatar.” *rolls eyes”

Posted in response to above post: From Girl Chat:

Re: Garbage blogger
Posted by Forever_GL on Thursday, February 6 2014 at 03:30:40am
In reply to Garbage blogger posted by Pierro on Wednesday, February 5 2014 at 05:12:29pm

“Pfft. Don’t even need to open the page.

As far as obsessions are concerned, each to their own.

No, what really disturbs me is the fact its perfectly legal to post crap like that online.

Really, we all know who are the real monsters in this world….”

OMG. That would be hilarious if the topic of GirlLovers wasn’t so repugnant.