Become Educated about Pedophiles

“Remember, once I start, I will do everything possible to continue molesting your child. I am sexually turned on by kids and I enjoy being sexual with them. If I have had a lot of practice, I can become very skilled at offending. I will not stop on my own. I am very selfish and do not care if my behavior is hurting your child. After I’ve begun molesting your child, I maintain his cooperation and silence through guilt, shame, fear and, sometimes, ‘love’.”

Do you get it? With this mindset, we must be vigilant and educate ourselves about pedophiles.

BoyLove logo used by pedophiles

BoyLove logo used by pedophiles

GirlLove logo used by pedophiles

GirlLove logo used by pedophiles

used by pedophiles

used by pedophiles

Symbols used by pedophiles.

The Boy Business – pedophiles terrorizing children on film

The Boy Business

“Boylovers and girllovers huh? BULLSHIT. Like the cop said, you CAN’T love children and do this to them. You can see the pain and fear, they aren’t enjoying being drugged, tied up and molested in some of the worst ways imaginable. I believe in the death penalty for serial rapists, serial murderers and child molesters/pedophiles. Normal people don’t really want to know the horror because they can’t handle it. Well, imagine how the child feels! Scarred for life if they aren’t killed. These mutants only think of their sick gratification, nothing else matters to them. It’s like meth addiction. Or any addiction. I’ve been reporting and monitoring them for 10 years now and they seem to be everywhere. They are insidious. The longer society hides it’s head in the sand, this evil will continue. It’s not going to go away because people can’t or won’t deal with it. All children are endangered, we as parents/caregivers must be vigilant in watching over our future generations, these are our children!!

nepi rape – Nepisexual (NEPI, Nepiophilia, Infantophilia) – is the sexual attraction towards babies and toddlers (usually aged 0 – 4 to 5 years).
DEPRAVED! SEE WHAT PEDOS WANT TO VIEW?? WHY ON EARTH WOULD PEOPLE WANT TO SEE “BRUTAL INFANT ANAL RAPE”? BABIES BEING BRUTALLY RAPED ANALLY! How can you WANT to watch terrified babies screaming in horror and pain as they are being ripped to shreds internally as they are being sexually violated by an adult penis? WHAT THE HOLY FUCK!!! WHAT KIND OF PERSON WANTS TO VIEW/OR COMMIT THAT KIND OF DEPRAVITY??? OY! Mutants! I loathe and deplore you!

Stacey Rambold – despised mutant

Judge orders new hearing in 30-days-for-rape case

A Montana judge, under fire sentencing a former teacher to 30 days for raping a 14-year-old who the judge said was ‘older than her chronological age,’ has ordered a new sentencing hearing.

By Matthew Brown, Associated Press / September 3, 2013

Stacey Rambold reacts to sentencing by Judge G. Todd Baugh in Billings, Mont., on Aug. 26. Rambold received a sentence of 15 years in prison, with all but 31 days suspended, for raping a 14-year-old student.

30-days-for-rape case


A Montana judge under fire for his comments about a 14-year-old victim in a schoolhouse rape case has ordered a new sentencing hearing for the former teacher who originally received just 30 days in prison for the crime.

In setting the hearing for Friday afternoon, District Judge G. Todd Baugh said Tuesday that state law appears to require a two-year mandatory minimum prison term for Stacey Rambold, 54, of Billings.

Rambold last week was sentenced to 15 years with all but 31 days suspended and a one-day credit given for time-served. He began serving his month-long term last week at the state prison in Deer Lodge.

“In the Court’s opinion, imposing a sentence which suspends more than the mandatory minimum would be an illegal sentence,” Baugh wrote.

Judge orders new hearing in 30-days-for-rape case – read full article.

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tragedy, perversly

A CHILD IS DEAD. GONE. So much potential, gone too young, too soon.


Montana rape case: Was 31-day sentence for teacher illegal?

Montana judge behind lenient rape sentence sparks new outrage (+video)

Montana judge won’t resign over 30-days-for-rape ruling (+video)

Okay, that’s the gist of the case and I’ve taken my beef to the judge. Let’s get back to the smug pedophile/predator up there. Looks just like someone you know, right? Or anyone and everyone. That is what scares/intrigues me. The pedophiles I report and monitor often look like him, someone’s dad or neighbor. (There are female pedophiles out there, I just never encounter any. Yet.) This man was 54, the girl was 14. She killed herself when she turned 16, so he’s now 57 and he gets a ludicrous 31 days in county jail? Are you fucking kidding me? Really?!

I am sickened. Repulsed. Angered. Outraged. And a passionate activist. We must protect our children.
Pedophiles, Nepi-Sexuals, Predators and Molesters: LE, Anonymous, Pedo-Hunters, etc are out here along with us civilians to find you, watch you, report you and do whatever is necessary to keep you away from children. It is illegal for an adult to have sexual intercourse with a minor in the United States. Check your state for age of consent, they differ. Nothing else matters. The bottom line is IT’S ILLEGAL. So if you get caught, someone has to make sure you are punished according to the severity of your crime, which in this case didn’t happen. A child is DEAD, a family destroyed yet pedophiles insist they cause no bad effects! “In 1998 The American Psychiatric Association (APA) issued a report claiming “that the ‘negative potential’ of adult sex with children was ‘overstated’ and that ‘the vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from childhood sexual abuse experiences.”

From Christian Boylove Forum:
“That’s usually how most child molestations occur. Most “abusers” never use force or coercion on children to get them to have a sexual relationship with them.”
OH REALLY?? I’ll remember that next time my stats pull up a url or a search request for “infant brutal anal rapes”.

“These are basic facts of human nature. They cannot be disputed or laid out for review. Human beings are the only ones who try to change these facts in accordance with what they think the facts should actually be. Think I’m wrong?
No, because you’re doing it yourself.

Nature, or God if you believe in him, has decided that human beings can experience sexual orgasms almost from the moment they are born. That’s a fact.
Nature, or God if you believe in him, has decided that once a child reaches a certain age they are able to procreate. That’s a fact.

Man has decided that children cannot feel pleasure or have an orgasm from sexual contact almost from the moment they were born.
Man has decided that children are not allowed to procreate or for that matter have sex at all until they are the age which man has decided the child is an adult.”
What?? So an 8 year old should be able to procreate if able to?? Give me strength.

Rant warning:
Do you see why people like me and LE have to out them and make the public aware that these mutants exist? I lived with daily sexual abuse for 17 1/2 years and 2 of my children were raped by an adult at 7 and 10. There were consequences, damn you. On me and my precious children. My deaf son at 7 years old by Joey, you rat bastard. So take your insulting argument that sexual abuse does not traumatize children and shove it up your mutant ass. My family has been tested with the horror of pedophile after-effects. And we won. We beat statistics, the odds, whatever. And nothing you can say will make me change my mind about you, pedophiles/predators. Nothing. And you WILL NOT BECOME LEGALIZED IN THE USA. No. It’s not happening. NO.