The greatest part about being a Christian Boylover

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June 26, 2013 by sirkissa

The greatest part about being a Christian Boylover post.

“The greatest part about being a Christian Boylover
Submitted by Tabernacle on 2013-05-6 20:22:51, Monday

The internet is actually one of the safest places you can be, as a Christian Boylover.

If you read the Gospel, you’ll see in there it says it is good to love children. But, you just shouldn’t be meeting with minors, or having sex with them. That is the terrible tragedy about being a Boylover, never really having a perfect dream relationship with a boy.

But, you can have the next best thing!
It’s the greatest part about being a Christian Boylover.
Seeing as how you’ll never meet with them, it is okay for you to occupy your time by mentoring them online if you want to!

All you have to do is be a nice person, and you can make a difference in a child’s life.

If anyone ever bothers you, you don’t have to worry because you’ll always have an alibis, I was home, online being a nice person.
Everyone should feel safer this way.
You hear so much hype about the internet being unsafe for pedophiles, unsafe for children because of pedophiles. But the truth is, so long as the pedophiles stay home, online, good! At least they’re not out stalking the Kiddie Pool! right?
heh heh heh.

I say these things because I think it is very theraputic and good for most Christians to do this.
I think online is actually a safe interaction with kids, and very rewarding spiritually. But once you engage in this practice, you must know you can never actually meet children, because it’ll blow your alibis!

I care about you.
In love & service,

Notice the wording and context. Read between the lines. Alibi. “not stalking the kiddie pool. heh heh heh” No, just doing it online. “it is okay for you to occupy your time by mentoring them online if you want to!” You mean, grooming children. Notice he says not to meet them in person, but meeting them online is okay. And it’s “a tragedy that you can’t have a perfect (notice the insertion) dream relationship with a boy.” Hmmm. Hiding behind the first amendment as all pedophiles do. As long as he says “dream” and words his post like this, it’s free speech.
I’m on to you Tabernacle.

UPDATE: 6/27/13 – I posted this in a cop forum and now the whole Christian Boylove Forum is gone. I’ve been monitoring it for 2 years, reported it, and now it’s gone. However it happened, hurray for our side! I’ll see if it pops up under a different name or url. I know how these mutants work.

UPDATE: 6/28/13 The Christian Boylove Forum is back online. I’ve alerted my cop forum.

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