Top searches that pull up this blog – updated: 12/29/14

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KP or CP (Child Pornography) – the illegal use of children in pornographic pictures or films. More specifically: any visual depiction, including any photograph, film, video, picture, or computer or computer-generated image or picture, whether made or produced by electronic, mechanical, or other means, of sexually explicit conduct, where: (A) the production of such visual depiction involves the use of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct; (B) such visual depiction is a digital image, computer image, or computer-generated image that is, or is indistinguishable from, that of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct; or (C) such visual depiction has been created, adapted, or modified to appear that an identifiable minor is engaging in sexually explicit conduct.

lolita – Reference to girls under 12, based on the Russian novel by Vladimir Nabokov entitled “Lolita”, in which a middle-age man becomes sexually obsessed with a twelve-year-old girl.
yf – young friend, the child the pedo is grooming

nepi rape – Nepisexual (NEPI, Nepiophilia, Infantophilia) – is the sexual attraction towards babies and toddlers (usually aged 0 – 4 to 5 years).
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p.s. Every time I get a new search term, I’m adding it to this post. And the hits just keep on coming.


12 thoughts on “Top searches that pull up this blog – updated: 12/29/14

  1. Hello. I am someone attracted to children.

    Now, I’m not looking for sympathy. I just wanted to say that sometimes even people like us can read blogs like this, and agree. It is freaky that I am attracted to what I am attracted to. I was abused as a child, and instead of turning into someone like you, who fights for the safety of children, I have turned into the freak of nature I am now.

    I have never abused a child. I avoid children so that I never will, but sometimes I consider chemical castration so I would have that extra assurance. I am not exclusively attracted to children, so I try to fill up my life with people my age and older, but in the back of my mind im still thinking why am i the way i am? And how can I fix it? They would surely hate me if they knew what I really was.

    I wish there were websites for people like me that *don’t* try to legitimatize child sex, that are there to keep us from ever making even that first offense; But unfortunately most pedophiles are in denial and want to think what they want to do is okay, and its not. Maybe I will never find a website like that.

    If there is ever a true cure for this, I will take it in a heartbeat.

    1. Hmm. You are the first pedophile I’ve ever heard say this. I hope you never molest a child, I hope you can keep your self control, it will take discipline and willpower. If you truly are making this effort, good. Have you tried counseling for dealing with your feelings? It helped me know and learn how to not be like my “mother”. If it helps, think of this blog and the agony of the parents when their child is molested/raped if the urges get too strong. Think of yourself as someone who CAN do this. Positive thinking helps, I have lived it, I know. Decide. Commit. Succeed.
      I will do some research and find out if there is somewhere you can go that is cordial but does not justify pedophilia. If I find something I will post it. I wish you luck, but there has to be people like me to educate parents/caregivers about the tactics and harm that pedophiles do. We have to track, monitor and report the ones who are active. It’s a messed up world.

  2. Yes, I understand the need to post this information, but perhaps using the word “Pedophile” isn’t quite accurate. Pedophile just means attracted to children. A pedophile can be a child predator or not be one, so perhaps child molester or child predator would be best if you don’t mind saving the few people like me the mix-up of being thought of as a rapist.

    I have tried therapy for a while, but I have just been victimized again by the psychiatrists and therapists mentally. That is not an exaggeration. I’m still trying to find a therapist, just a more holistic one. It is hard not to be completely anti-psychiatry because of my experiences.

    I have a lot of problems because of my attraction, the guilt about it drives me mad and makes me hurt myself. I also have relationship issues due to my first boyfriend being a sociopath and never getting back my childhood best friend. So the attraction itself isnt the only thing I need to be talking to someone about. I realize I do need to be talking to someone, it is just hard to trust enough to risk getting damaged again.

    I have had this attraction since around the time I started my period (i am female), and im in my 20s now. Sometimes the urge gets hard to bear, but there is this part of me that *loves* children. The fantasy part of my head can go wild and want to go do something, but then somewhere along the line I actually see a child. And I realize, no, i cant do that. This is a human being with feelings and emotions who I would hurt, not an image in my head. This is especially verified if I hear someone young crying, I think, thats what it would sound like if I ever acted on this, and thats why I can never do it. Maybe thats the problem some of the people you write about have. Maybe they aren’t seeing children as human beings, or they arent seeing the pain. Maybe they detach themselves from it. If they could see and feel these things, they would never abuse a child.

    I hope you can find some resources for me. Many resources are only available for people who have offended, sex offender “treatment” which verges more on the side of shaming and torture. I did find b4u-act, but i read up on them and at the very least one of the founders has an… agenda; although its a great idea.

  3. Always an interesting exercise. My blog gets an insane number of hits for people searching for “stress positions.” (What is with the sudden peak in interest there?) and headaches evidently caused by wearing a hijab. ((I had no idea about that one.) Although I write about sex trafficking and child sex trafficking (including pornography), I rarely get hits from searches for porn. It may be that I never tag my posts that way. I always use the full word. Or maybe I am just lucky. But I do wonder what people looking for degrading images stories think when they find our sites. If it ever makes them think, or if they just click away so that they don’t need to be confronted by the real pain of their victims. (Rather than the theatrical pain they may want to see.)

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