pedos infant full brutal anal rapes

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April 21, 2013 by sirkissa

Sweet Gaia. That is the latest search term pulling up this blog. How does that title make you feel? Shocked, enraged, horrified? All of that and more for me. There is actually a demand for this kind of depravity. So that means there will be suppliers. I am going to do a search using that term and hope I don’t puke all over my desk. Well if I do, then I’ll get pissed and report anyone I can. I can’t and will not tolerate this! I don’t care if Nepi-Sexuals hate me, I LOATHE them so we’re even. Any child is bad enough, but innocent babies? Newborns? Brutal anal rape? Gad, who can you trust anymore with your precious children? And the sick fucked up mutants who MAKE this depravity for others to read or view deserve a slow agonizing death and their mutant brains bashed in. Harsh you say? BRUTALLY ANAL RAPING BABIES IS HARSH! I will always fight pedophiles, but Nepi-Sexuals are my new cause/target/focus. This shit is unacceptable, I don’t care where you are. It’s illegal in the US, but even if it happens in other countries, it’s still FUCKED UP! I will be using the term Nepi-Sexual a lot so people can be familiar with it, knowledge is power people, and we need to know this term and what it means as stomach churning as it is.
And don’t even dare come here to defend these mutants, I will ream you a new one and then ban your depraved ass.

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