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October 26, 2012 by sirkissa

sex video photo pedophile, sex porn child, pedophile rape stories, real pedo/nepi women are the latest searches that pull up this blog.

The topics are so vile, yet far more common than the average person knows. Why in the frak do they want to see children raped? (Toddlers, in some cases. Sometimes, I can’t take it.) So they feel powerful, because only a coward would rape anyone. A 14 month old baby just died because she choked to death on her father’s erect penis. Most minds recoil at the image/thought, but for some people, child porn/acts turn them on, it’s an obsession, an addiction. Mankind is becoming more depraved, these mutants need to be reported, monitored and punished when they break the law. Sweet Gaia, who would think of wanting a bj from their 14 month old daughter? WTF!!! Mutants, that’s who. Pedophiles. Gad, there are so many…

I don’t care how many there are, LE is out here too. I take my anger and instead of giving into despair, I use it to fight back.

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