Another pedo busted but only 2 years in jail? OY!

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September 19, 2012 by sirkissa

Man admits to molesting deaf students

Man admits sexually touching St. Rita students

“St. Rita is a Catholic school, where some students live, providing services for the deaf. Its students range from infants to adults. Joshua Bort, 24, of Maineville, admitted to gross sexual imposition and sexual imposition charges involving two students at the school.” (Oh gad, I wonder what their ages are?)

“Two counts were dropped in exchange for the guilty plea.

Bort faces up to two years when he is sentenced Oct. 23.” (One article says he may just get probation.)

“School officials said Bort worked there for several months as a residential advisor.”

This is an outrage. I have a deaf son, I have loved the deaf for almost 29 years, these precious people mean a lot to me as all children do and this is outrageous. Pedophiles don’t stop, he’ll just do it again and just get more sneaky about it. 2 years in jail or probation? Please. I want to know who the judge is, and to read the warrant and court papers. And don’t tell me “He deserves another chance.” Bullshit. Another chance to molest and traumatize more children, deaf or hearing? Have the courts not realized that pedophiles can not be rehabilitated? WTF! Perhaps they didn’t have enough evidence? I will be doing research on this. I loathe pedophiles, gad!

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