Why am I not surprised? grrrr

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September 13, 2012 by sirkissa

from CPIU.com

“Catholic Church haunted by catalogue of child abuse scandals” *again*

“HUNDREDS of abuse victims have come forward in Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and United States in the last decade.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien claimed Catholics were ‘demoralised and confused’ by the ‘many evils’ perpetrated by paedophile priests.”

Read the article.

Get it pedos? What part of this do you not understand? You cause distress, turmoil, suicides, confusion, low self esteem, traumatized children, etc. you mutants. Take your child lover bullshit and shove it. Selfish mutants.

Awareness people!! We must protect our children. Be aware, there are very bad, evil child predators out there scheming to get to our kids. Courage.


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