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Child predators come in all levels of intelligence, in every race, in every height, and in every age. There is no way to identify them from the next, other than their desire to commit horrific acts on children. Some predators are bolder and braver than others. Some hide behind their computer lurking in chat rooms […]

Another pedo busted but only 2 years in jail? OY!

Man admits to molesting deaf students Man admits sexually touching St. Rita students “St. Rita is a Catholic school, where some students live, providing services for the deaf. Its students range from infants to adults. Joshua Bort, 24, of Maineville, admitted to gross sexual imposition and sexual imposition charges involving two students at the school.” […]

The Philosophy of Responsible Boylove

FYI Parents and caregivers: Read this: “Responsible boylove is the premise that in any relationship between a boy and an older male, whether sexually expressed or not, the legitimate interests of the boy must take precedence over the interests of his older friend. Responsible boylove is a relationship between a boy who has a desire […]

Why am I not surprised? grrrr

from “Catholic Church haunted by catalogue of child abuse scandals” *again* “HUNDREDS of abuse victims have come forward in Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and United States in the last decade. Cardinal Keith O’Brien claimed Catholics were ‘demoralised and confused’ by the ‘many evils’ perpetrated by paedophile priests.” Read the article. Get […]