I’m So Angry!


June 26, 2012 by sirkissa

This post is concerning 2 posts down. “Sex offender Gregory Sean O’Neall of Des Moines, employed as a Costco food sample provider, was arrested yesterday – accused of distributing child pornography on the Internet. Investigators also say O’Neall snapped over 100 photos of unknowing young girls shopping with their parents at the Federal Way Costco where he handed out food.”

The article. Look in the comments. Read them. There is a mother of some girls this mutant photographed in absolute distress because he has her girl’s pictures on his FB page. Under the title “Costco Cuties” they are on a Russian pedo site! All from just going shopping with her girls, minding her own business. I am furious for this woman who is trying to get her daughter’s pictures taken down but doesn’t know how. I will help her if I can. I posted a url for her, but the comment hasn’t been approved by a moderator yet, so here’s the links where you can report cyber crimes:
Internet Crime Complaint Center
Counter Pedophilia Investigative Unit

And to all you girllovers, boylovers, deviants – Do you see the distress you cause, you sick fucks? I know you don’t care, you pedophiles only care about yourselves. This mother is in agony but you mutants still want to view your sick evil child pornography or collect pictures you have no right to own. Well, know that LE and others will report you and do everything in our power to have you put in prison where you belong. I know there are many more distressed parents out there and my heart goes out to them. I know how you feel and I’m doing everything I can to fight for you. Courage.
Update: As of 07/03/12 his FB profile is gone! I hope that helps that poor mom sleep a little easier. As for getting them off of a russian site, I have no clue. The Counter Pedophilia Investigative Unit seems to deal with international child explotation well, but just try every where. Be a pest, call, email and write to your senator, that’s what’s he was elected for, was to serve the people, right? So listen to us, damn it! It’s election time, this is the time to be heard although elected officials usually don’t keep their promises later. *sigh*

3 thoughts on “I’m So Angry!

  1. A (@___A___) says:

    The entire profile should be down within 24 hours.

    Thanks for keeping everyone up to date on his this sick bastard.

    …And all the others too!

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