June 3, 2012 by sirkissa

These are the latest search terms that pull up this blog: naked preteen underage boys, pedofiles raping boys and girls porn, child porn site free video and picture, child molestation porn free pics, porn for pedofiles, rape, pedophilia, sex with minors images, inocents gilrs children porn, pedophile sites, pedophilia sites, pedophile stories how i fucked young girls, preteen nepi stories
Oh my.

It’s disgusting and vile! Pedophiles (mutants) WANT to watch the RAPE of children! That is not “child love”, “young friend”, minorly attracted adults” bs, it’s heinous depravity and that’s a stone cold fact as a survivor and breaker of the cycle of abuse, damn it. That’s why it’s it’s ILLEGAL. They want pics and videos to satisfy their sick fantasies. All those poor victimized kids.
You see, I’m one of those abused kids from the 60’s and 70s who’s grown up now and is angry. I endured physical, mental and sexual abuse until I ran away from home at 17. My adopted dad was my first at 16. There’s something to tell your grand kids about. I didn’t even know what sex was. Teachers saw the black and purple and blue marks in Gym class and they’d just shake their heads and look away. No one wondered why I was ” weird” or a “square” or hyper, people had no idea what was really going on behind the pulled shades of our perfect little catholic family at 3442 Fairmont Dr. Ventura, CA. My adoped sister got out at 15, (771 Colina Vista, Ventura, Ca.) I made it to 17 and one day I just didn’t go home. (308 S. Emma Ave. Ventura, CA) Why is it I can remember every house of horrors if child love is so pure and innocent? I call BS with a capital BULLSHIT. So I know what I’m talking about and now my readers know most of the reason I’m so passionate about this topic. I’m taking this anger and doing something constructive with it. Excuse me, I have some pedo work to do…and I’ll enjoy it.

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  1. Sorry to be off topic but did you ever get my e-mail?

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