I’m So Angry!

This post is concerning 2 posts down. “Sex offender Gregory Sean O’Neall of Des Moines, employed as a Costco food sample provider, was arrested yesterday – accused of distributing child pornography on the Internet. Investigators also say O’Neall snapped over 100 photos of unknowing young girls shopping with their parents at the Federal Way Costco where he handed out food.”

The article. Look in the comments. Read them. There is a mother of some girls this mutant photographed in absolute distress because he has her girl’s pictures on his FB page. Under the title “Costco Cuties” they are on a Russian pedo site! All from just going shopping with her girls, minding her own business. I am furious for this woman who is trying to get her daughter’s pictures taken down but doesn’t know how. I will help her if I can. I posted a url for her, but the comment hasn’t been approved by a moderator yet, so here’s the links where you can report cyber crimes:
Internet Crime Complaint Center
Counter Pedophilia Investigative Unit

And to all you girllovers, boylovers, deviants – Do you see the distress you cause, you sick fucks? I know you don’t care, you pedophiles only care about yourselves. This mother is in agony but you mutants still want to view your sick evil child pornography or collect pictures you have no right to own. Well, know that LE and others will report you and do everything in our power to have you put in prison where you belong. I know there are many more distressed parents out there and my heart goes out to them. I know how you feel and I’m doing everything I can to fight for you. Courage.
Update: As of 07/03/12 his FB profile is gone! I hope that helps that poor mom sleep a little easier. As for getting them off of a russian site, I have no clue. The Counter Pedophilia Investigative Unit seems to deal with international child explotation well, but just try every where. Be a pest, call, email and write to your senator, that’s what’s he was elected for, was to serve the people, right? So listen to us, damn it! It’s election time, this is the time to be heard although elected officials usually don’t keep their promises later. *sigh*

More proof child molesters can’t be rehabilitated – 80 yrs old

Charles Lee Bergeron Sr.: 80-Year-Old Child Molester:

“According to the Lake Charles American-Press, in December, Bergeron pleaded guilty to 25 sex crimes. (He originally faced 76 charges, some of them for events dating back to 1975.)

Prosecutor Cynthia Guillory stated that Bergeron’s M.O. was to invite young boys over, get them drunk or high (on Xanax and Soma, according to one victim) and then perform oral sex on them after they passed out.

“He said he told them that he was an old man and needed testosterone…needed their semen to live, basically,” Guillory said. “Now that’s sick.”

Ya think??? Houston Press has the gross story.

Once a pedopohile, always a pedophile. 80 years old and still molesting boys. Mutant, deviant and sicko. Ewww!

Sex offender Gregory Sean O’Neall of Des Moines

“Sex offender Gregory Sean O’Neall of Des Moines, employed as a Costco food sample provider, was arrested yesterday – accused of distributing child pornography on the Internet. Investigators also say O’Neall snapped over 100 photos of unknowing young girls shopping with their parents at the Federal Way Costco where he handed out food.” See how pedos are? You never know when some perv is focusing on your child! Seattle Weekly Blogs has the rest of the story.

Imagine. You’re just minding your own business, shopping with your child and your child is being focused on and photographed by a pedophile. You have no idea that he will keep that picture, treasure it, masturbate over it or even take it into Photoshop and make it pornographic. He will add it to his collection and probably share it with other pedophiles world wide. To me, that is a stomach churning, revolting and infuriating thought.

When my kids were younger I would take them swimming. Many times I saw men photographing kids at the lake. I marched right up to them to ask why and see some ID. Out of the 7 or so men I approached, only one was from the local paper, the rest got very defensive and evasive and when I started drawing attention to them, they packed up their equipment and left. I didn’t want my kids photographed by ANYONE without my permission. I learned that pedophiles like to go where there are lots of children and then take pictures of them.

I didn’t worry about the photographer’s feelings. I cared about MY KIDS more. It’s terrible that we parents have to be so very careful when it comes to our kids. We must protect our children!!

Points to Ponder

I was reading a story on a true crime site when I happened to notice a remark in the comments. A man said he wanted to make a web site of underage teens in porn/provocative pics (from FB, blogs, MySpace, etc.) and put them on the site so parents will know what their kids are doing. He said he would blur out the faces but post cities and names.

First of all, that’s not going to solve the problem. Downloading even one of those pics is a felony if the teens are underage. Posting it on a web site, blurred face or not, is a felony. When we report pedophiles, we NEVER copy a picture or video. We report what info we have and let LE take it from there. I told this person that but he was skeptical. He said it shouldn’t be a felony if you’re reporting it. Well it is, like it or not.

The better solution would be to monitor what your kids are doing online. Sticking them in their room with a pc and not supervising them is so dangerous, but many parents don’t know or don’t care. Your pc should be where it can be seen by family members, especially the parents/caregivers. Predators use web cams, social networking sites with fake profiles, chats and grooming to get to our kids, often without the child being aware of it. I’m not saying you need to hover and breathe down your kid’s neck while they’re online, just keep an eye on what they are doing and who they are chatting with, etc. It could mean their safety and their life!


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Oh my.

It’s disgusting and vile! Pedophiles (mutants) WANT to watch the RAPE of children! That is not “child love”, “young friend”, minorly attracted adults” bs, it’s heinous depravity and that’s a stone cold fact as a survivor and breaker of the cycle of abuse, damn it. That’s why it’s it’s ILLEGAL. They want pics and videos to satisfy their sick fantasies. All those poor victimized kids.
You see, I’m one of those abused kids from the 60’s and 70s who’s grown up now and is angry. I endured physical, mental and sexual abuse until I ran away from home at 17. My adopted dad was my first at 16. There’s something to tell your grand kids about. I didn’t even know what sex was. Teachers saw the black and purple and blue marks in Gym class and they’d just shake their heads and look away. No one wondered why I was ” weird” or a “square” or hyper, people had no idea what was really going on behind the pulled shades of our perfect little catholic family at 3442 Fairmont Dr. Ventura, CA. My adoped sister got out at 15, (771 Colina Vista, Ventura, Ca.) I made it to 17 and one day I just didn’t go home. (308 S. Emma Ave. Ventura, CA) Why is it I can remember every house of horrors if child love is so pure and innocent? I call BS with a capital BULLSHIT. So I know what I’m talking about and now my readers know most of the reason I’m so passionate about this topic. I’m taking this anger and doing something constructive with it. Excuse me, I have some pedo work to do…and I’ll enjoy it.