May 26, 2012 by sirkissa

Oh boy, I’m having a terrible time with this particular pedophilia. The definition is adults sexually attracted to babies and toddlers. 0-4 or 5 years. I can’t wrap my mind around that.

I tell you, no child is safe from pedophiles, no matter what age. Just the thought of raping babies makes me mad as hell and physically ill. WTF!! It’s bad enough pedos go after older kids, but babies? Really? I won’t ask why because I know I won’t get a satisfactory answer that I can understand. No justification in the world will make it okay. It’s illegal, that’s why it’s called nepi RAPE. If these mutants would put all the time and effort they spend victimizing children into something constructive it would be so much better. But alas, they won’t. The internet seems to be their playground. Well, it’s mine and yours too. And I’m watching, reporting, ( and outing them. Someone has to do something!

5 thoughts on “Nepi-rape

  1. Rosie says:


    I wanted to give you another site that can help with reporting. It’s the Internet Crime Complaint Center. the reporter who did the article on Facebook and pedophiles. I wasn’t aware of it until I read her article. Rosie

  2. Salang says:

    I was sexually abused and exploited by a pornographer at age 2. At age 4 my mother married a man who also sexually abused me, as well as brutalized my emotions and body. There are more than 13 people who took advantage of me, I don’t know all the names. I seem to be on this earth for nothing more than someones gratification. My latest abuser was my partner for 8.5 years- she has everything i worked for I have nothing, not even dignity or confidence. I have run out of funds and do not know what’s next…………….I’m 36, put myself thru college so I could help others! when does the time come to help myself? Put myself first? Thank you Mr. R.H.H and A.L.R., you succeeded in ruining my soul, why didn’t you just kill me then

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