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May 22, 2012 by sirkissa

I just read that children who are sexually abused either become abusers themselves or grow up to loathe pedophiles. I’m the latter. I also have no tolerance for anyone who abuses a child in ANY way. I’m sick of reading about women leaving their children with their boyfriends, only for them to be abused and/or murdered. I’m tired of reading about women who sit by and do NOTHING to protect their child from sick mutants. I’m fed up with man’s inhumanity to man. FED UP! If you can’t handle a child crying/fussing or whatever, then don’t have them. Ever heard of birth control? Yeah, it’s out there and readily available.

I am grateful for the good families I know, the ones who put their kids safety and care first. I am grateful my 2 kids who were molested grew up to be productive human beings who are kind and loving. I am grateful for all the bloggers out there who care about children and blog about the atrocities commited against them. As for the sick twisted mutants that hurt children…well, karma is a bitch. 😀

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