How Pedophiles Operate

Annabelleigh & GirlLove Garden Good Mail

The Committee of GirlChat and GirlLove Garden is cognizant of our member’s need to have an anonymous email address.

Yes! There are free email service providers available; but, are you certain those services are protected?

Benefits you should consider when making a decision to use any e-mail provider is how anonymous you will be and how securely your e-mail will be sent when utilizing its services.

A good reason for not using services not listed below is many well known services (such as Hotmail™), in general, will reveal your originating IP address when sending emails.

Your IP address can be used to determine your location. Below is a list of service providers which do not compromise your anonymity by revealing IP addresses. Webbleu is one of the more secure e-mail providers serving the GL/BL community’s many online support and counseling services.
(*I’m not listing them.)

Please remember that even though these email service providers listed below are considered to offer a higher level of anonymity than most, they will still be forced to provide your IP address to the relevant authorities if served with a warrant. If you refrain from breaking the rule of law or discussing activities that may be considered sensitive or illegal, and stay away from child pornography, this should not become a problem to you.

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Small Disclaimer – Disclaimer: The contents of this site express only the personal opinion of the author of this web e-mail directory. They DO NOT necessarily reflect the policy or views of GirlChat nor GirlLove Garden. The author is not responsible for any possible damage caused by the use of the software and techniques described on the linked Old Safe Mail site.

Questions: You may e-mail our webmaster here!

Donations: You may e-mail the treasurer here!

Enjoy your visit. Warmly, Secretary – Good Mail.

You should, if possible only give fictitious information when filling out these application forms.


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