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May 2, 2012 by sirkissa

“Welcome to Girllove Garden’s community Site Map.
And thank you for visiting with us. Now, please take a few minutes to become familiar with our menu by reviwing the information below that will give you an idea of the resources you’ll find at the destinations linked above. Many of these Sites are still under construction and, therefore, are temporarily unavailable. We hope that all of the Directory’s Forums and Galleries will be open for you to enjoy soon. So please visit us often to see what is newly opened. By the way, if you have not done so, we hope you will choose to design your own Web Site and submit it to be added to our garden’s growing resources.

Mission Statement:
Our Mission Statement provides a powerful message of our dedication to our resource’s goal of becoming a hub of the Girl Love movement. From this center on the Internet we will work vigorously for the emancipation, empowerment, and positive education of youths everywhere; and, we will strive to establish full democratic rights for all persons, who are different age attracted, so as to secure for these individuals the same full legal protection from harrassment due to sexual orientation that is enjoyed by other minorities and to openly work for the establishment of our rights by educational and political means without fear of reprisal.”

Work away, so will we who find you repugnant.

“Welcome to the Members’ Gallery. Posters continued to develop new Girl love Web Pages this past Winter — a warm spring well done to our contributors both new and old. Here, in Members’ Gallery you will find web pages of many and varied delights and insights. Yes, the growth of the Girl love movement is becoming apparent; and we continue to look toward developing GirlLove Garden into a multilingual resource.

On the Menu below you’ll find linked the active Gallery Sites and contributors’ information by: page topic, title, author, date of posting, and last updated. Feel free to submit your suggestions on how we can improve our Gallery to: NFiH, our Web Master.

And, yes, we would love it if you could contribute to our growth by cash, or international money order. Contributions to GLGarden may be made by writing to And thank you in advance for your support. Even if you cannot donate at the present, we know your heart is with us and we’ll look for your Web Pages within this Gallery; and, we’ll see you online. 🙂

Topic Title Author Date Submitted
Informative: Foreverman’s GirlChat Profile Page Foreverman January, 2002
Informative: Little Girls in Movies Newtlover June, 2003
Literature: Ghost Tales GhostWriter September, 2001
My Story: Diary of a Pedosexual David March, 2003
Philosophy: The Little Things That Matter JohnDoe420 December, 2001
Poetry: Fantasia Cindy K. April 2004
Poetry: Kineret: Texts from Behind a Name Kineret September 2002
Reflections: DoLittle’s Diaries DoLittle May 2002
Reflections: Dissertations on Adult/Teen Girl Love Dissident April 2002
Reflections: Childhood Memories of a Rocket Boy Rocket Boy December 1, 2002
Reflections: Sexual Relationship Knowledge Document Scott March, 2004
Research: Scientists on Pedophilia, Child Love, and Child Sexuality Desire October 5, 2001 – Update Sept, 2002
Spirituality: Dream Weaver Boutique Dream Weaver”

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