Oh boy, I’m having a terrible time with this particular pedophilia. The definition is adults sexually attracted to babies and toddlers. 0-4 or 5 years. I can’t wrap my mind around that. I tell you, no child is safe from pedophiles, no matter what age. Just the thought of raping babies makes me mad as […]


I just read that children who are sexually abused either become abusers themselves or grow up to loathe pedophiles. I’m the latter. I also have no tolerance for anyone who abuses a child in ANY way. I’m sick of reading about women leaving their children with their boyfriends, only for them to be abused and/or […]

NAMBLA Members

NAMBLA: The North American Man/Boy Love Association Members: The identity of NAMBLA’s current leadership and members are mostly unknown; however, these are a few of the individuals their leadership roster has previously included: David Thorstad, an American author and ‘activist’, who for many years has attempted to further NAMBLA by trying to hijack the gay […]

Australia: Pedophile Jason Chiaravalle

Australia: Jason Chiaravalle, A CONVICTED pedophile downloaded 325,000 child porn images, and remained undetected for three years, a court has been told. Chiaravalle, now aged 34, was jailed for three years after pleading guilty to one Commonwealth criminal offence of using a carriage service, the internet, to download child pornography of children aged from “toddler […]

Girllove Garden’s

“Welcome to Girllove Garden’s community Site Map. And thank you for visiting with us. Now, please take a few minutes to become familiar with our menu by reviwing the information below that will give you an idea of the resources you’ll find at the destinations linked above. Many of these Sites are still under construction […]

How Pedophiles Operate

Annabelleigh & GirlLove Garden Good Mail The Committee of GirlChat and GirlLove Garden is cognizant of our member’s need to have an anonymous email address. Yes! There are free email service providers available; but, are you certain those services are protected? Benefits you should consider when making a decision to use any e-mail provider is […]