Oh boy, I’m having a terrible time with this particular pedophilia. The definition is adults sexually attracted to babies and toddlers. 0-4 or 5 years. I can’t wrap my mind around that.

I tell you, no child is safe from pedophiles, no matter what age. Just the thought of raping babies makes me mad as hell and physically ill. WTF!! It’s bad enough pedos go after older kids, but babies? Really? I won’t ask why because I know I won’t get a satisfactory answer that I can understand. No justification in the world will make it okay. It’s illegal, that’s why it’s called nepi RAPE. If these mutants would put all the time and effort they spend victimizing children into something constructive it would be so much better. But alas, they won’t. The internet seems to be their playground. Well, it’s mine and yours too. And I’m watching, reporting, ( and outing them. Someone has to do something!


I just read that children who are sexually abused either become abusers themselves or grow up to loathe pedophiles. I’m the latter. I also have no tolerance for anyone who abuses a child in ANY way. I’m sick of reading about women leaving their children with their boyfriends, only for them to be abused and/or murdered. I’m tired of reading about women who sit by and do NOTHING to protect their child from sick mutants. I’m fed up with man’s inhumanity to man. FED UP! If you can’t handle a child crying/fussing or whatever, then don’t have them. Ever heard of birth control? Yeah, it’s out there and readily available.

I am grateful for the good families I know, the ones who put their kids safety and care first. I am grateful my 2 kids who were molested grew up to be productive human beings who are kind and loving. I am grateful for all the bloggers out there who care about children and blog about the atrocities commited against them. As for the sick twisted mutants that hurt children…well, karma is a bitch. 😀

NAMBLA Members

NAMBLA: The North American Man/Boy Love Association

The identity of NAMBLA’s current leadership and members are mostly unknown; however, these are a few of the individuals their leadership roster has previously included:

David Thorstad, an American author and ‘activist’, who for many years has attempted to further NAMBLA by trying to hijack the gay rights movement. Thorstad’s arguments rely heavily on the Persecution Delusion; trying to claim that opposition to pedophiles who molest and rape children is the same as discrimination against people who prefer the same gender of consenting adult.

Joe Power, another NAMBLA leader, is a registered sex offender convicted of child molestation. Ignoring the restrictions of his parole, he was working with young children as a teacher in Northern California, but was forced to resign after police were notified.

Bill Andriette, an editor of NAMBLA’s newsletter, has written articles arguing that incest is exaggerated by therapists, and that women falsely claim to be sexual abuse victims as a way to channel their “aggression”. *POS

Hubert Kennedy, a former research associate at San Francisco State University and former Professor Emeritus at Providence College, was one of NAMBLA’s founding members. Kennedy is another who has actively attempted to attach NAMBLA to the coattails of gay rights issues; his academic contributions include translating German pedophile novels into English and writing positive “reviews” of NAMBLA-related literature.

Roy Radow AKA Roy Smith, a former school psychologist and former NAMBLA spokesperson who was charged with child endangerment in 1996. Radow/Smith has spent many years annoying the members of groups all across Usenet; posting numerous messages that defend both NAMBLA and pedophilia in general.

Dan Tsang, a founding member of NAMBLA. For years, Tsang has been posing as a gay activist, using that pretense to promote pro-pedophile agenda by hijacking gay civil rights issues. Tsang has also used platforms such as public radio to spread pro-pedophile propaganda, and is a signatory on the RSOL campaign to abolish sex offender laws.

NAMBLA’s website consists of disingenuous pro-pedophile propaganda intended to mislead others into believing their claims that molestation is not really harmful to young boys.

“NAMBLA calls for the empowerment of youth in all areas, not just the sexual. We support greater economic, political and social opportunities for young people and denounce the rampant ageism that segregates and isolates them in fear and mistrust. We believe sexual feelings are a positive life force. We support the rights of youth as well as adults to choose the partners with whom they wish to share and enjoy their bodies.”

Their ‘Q & A’ section contains false statements such as:

“Many studies have confirmed that the large majority of sexual contacts between boys and older partners are both consensual and harmless. See below for a listing of some of these published, peer-reviewed studies.”

“And several peer-reviewed studies have shown that boys who have consenting relationships with men usually feel positively about their relationship and feel that the relationship has had a positive effect on them.”

“We know from experience that some boys do initiate sexual contacts with adults. This is confirmed by several published studies, which have found that a substantial percentage of boys’ sexual contacts with older partners were initiated by the boy (see references below for details).”

The “references below” for the above quotes are actually just one – a pop-psychology book written by Dr. John Money, PhD; the “John/Joan” case doctor whose “treatment” of twin brothers David and Brian Reimer caused irreparable psychological damage to the boys, both of whom eventually committed suicide.

“1. John Money. The destroying angel: Sex, fitness, and food in the legacy of degeneracy theory, Graham Crackers, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, and American health history. Buffalo, N.Y.: Prometheus Books, 1985.”

Many of NAMBLA’s members have been jailed for conspiracies, child molestation, and trafficking in child pornography; it is anyone’s guess how many additional crimes may have been committed, as many incidents of child molestation are never reported. The following are just a very few examples:

In 1997, two NAMBLA members stalked, kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered a 10-year-old boy, hours after accessing NAMBLA’s Website from a public library. The victim’s parents subsequently filed a lawsuit against NAMBLA, but the ACLU stepped in to defend NAMBLA and after eight years, the case was dropped due to technicality.

In 2005, seven NAMBLA members were arrested in a San Diego sting operation; each of the men had paid hundreds of dollars to an undercover FBI agent to arrange a trip to Mexico to have sex with boys.

NAMBLA ‘steering committee’ member David Groat and NAMBLA associate Mark Morgan were imprisoned in Thailand, for running an orphanage in Bangkok that was really a front for a child pornography and child sex operation. Nicknamed “Club Ped”, because according to police, “If you went there, he [Morgan] would provide you with a young boy”, the orphanage was frequented by approximately 15-20 NAMBLA members and associates.

Jonathan Tampico was a NAMBLA member arrested in 1989 and charged with numerous crimes related to sexual abuse of a neighbor’s son. Following his release from prison, he was arrested for parole violation and found to have more than 50,000 child pornography photos and videos, much of it NAMBLA related. Tampico also admitted to editing a book called “The Survival Manual: The Man’s Guide to Staying Safe in Man-Boy Relationships.”

In 1992, Alan J. Horowitz (aka Shneor Altar, Mike Sonkin), a New York psychiatrist, was sentenced to 10-20 years in prison for sodomizing three boys ages 7 to 9, and for molesting a 14-year-old girl. Horowitz had a prior 1983 conviction for sexually molesting 8 and 12-year old boys; for which he received only a five-year suspended sentence. Law enforcement investigations also found evidence that Horowitz had been sexually abusing patients as far back as the late 1960s, when he worked for a community organization that helped impoverished, inner-city children. Once in prison, Horowitz wrote long-winded “articles” of pro-pedophile nonsense for the NAMBLA newsletter. Paroled in 2004, he left the United States and began sexually abusing young children in India, making Interpol and New York’s “most wanted” lists until he was finally arrested in 2007.

Now-former priest Paul Shanley was arrested in May 2002 for 10 counts of child rape and six counts of indecent assault and battery; the victims stated that they were just six years old when Shanley began raping them. Shanley then filed appeals to reverse his convictions; all of which were rejected by the Massachusetts Supreme Court.

John David Smith was arrested in 1996 for molesting a boy he was supposed to be baby-sitting. He subsequently filed for appeal, claiming that the NAMBLA-related evidence in his case was prejudicial; but the appeal was denied and his conviction upheld.

Again, these are but a very few examples that help illustrate the types of crimes NAMBLA members have committed. There are far too many actual crimes to list, and undoubtedly countless more that have never been reported as well.

More Info:
San Diego radio host Rick Roberts offered a $1000 bounty to anyone who turned in a NAMBLA member; upon which member Kevin Brown called Roberts’ show and outed himself. Roberts did not give Brown the $1000 reward and sent child protection services to his house instead. Brown subsequently lost custody of his son and was arrested for child pornography charges.

Computer technical experts from the Usenet group alt.hackers.malicious have declared “War on NAMBLA”, and according to their blog, are directing their skills toward disrupting NAMBLA’s operations.

Good for them, long may they do so.

Australia: Pedophile Jason Chiaravalle

Australia: Jason Chiaravalle, A CONVICTED pedophile downloaded 325,000 child porn images, and remained undetected for three years, a court has been told. Chiaravalle, now aged 34, was jailed for three years after pleading guilty to one Commonwealth criminal offence of using a carriage service, the internet, to download child pornography of children aged from “toddler to 16-years’’ between March 9, 2006, and April 29, 2009. Judge Kerry O’Brien ordered Chiaravalle be released after serving 12-months in custody and placed him on a further two-year probation order.

Are you kidding me? That’s it??

Give me strength! Toddler? Toddler?? Really?? Who the fuck wants to have sex with a toddler? Why? WTF!! Abominations, that’s who. I will never ever understand, I don’t want to. These mutants make me have thoughts I don’t want to have! I’m not a violent person, but damn it, I wish they would all just die. Leave our children alone, you bastards! These kinds of stories make me more determined to fight them through reporting them, tracking them, outing them, informing the public, writing my Congressmen, signing petitions, whatever it takes. I will not stop. Neither will the dedicated people I know in LE. Oy!

Girllove Garden’s

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How Pedophiles Operate

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