It’s My Blog, so I can vent


April 29, 2012 by sirkissa

There is something I don’t understand. When I see a crime scene photo of a dead baby burned and left in a ditch like trash, I wonder where is “God”? Yes, I know that he doesn’t cause these things to happen, but why does he allow it? How low does the human race have to go before he does something about it? Where does he look while a child is being tortured or molested? At daisies? And if he’s all knowing and all powerful, then wouldn’t he have known that we’d screw up free will?
If you see your child destroying the furniture, you stop them. We are destroying our planet. If I made something as beautiful and precious as the earth, I sure as hell wouldn’t let puny mankind destroy it. I fight pedophiles almost every day, and see horror and depravity all the time. People have said to me “It’s God’s will, it’s not for us to question.” I really don’t think that is going to comfort an abused child or raped person. People say we all have guardian angels, but mine must have been on vacation when I was being abused as a child. No one saved or helped me, I had to run away at 17 to make it stop. Then I made the conscience decision to break the cycle of abuse and love my kids properly. I don’t worship anything anymore because I don’t feel there is anything out there to worship. I believe in myself because I’M the one I know I can count on. So if there is a higher power, WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR?? I just don’t understand.

8 thoughts on “It’s My Blog, so I can vent

  1. One belief is that God gave man free will and even God can’t interfere with that.

  2. charl1010 says:

    Nice work, child abuse is very wrong and criminal and I can relate as an abused child, I have a blog as well.

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