My Story of Sorts

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April 15, 2012 by sirkissa

I’m posting this to heighten deaf awareness. I have a deaf son who was sodomized when he was 7 years old while visiting a friend with his older brother. He was the perfect victim, he couldn’t speak or know the sign language for telling someone. My oldest son walked in on it when it happened, and beat the living crap out of the molester/mutant. Needless to say, we pressed charges. It hadn’t occured to me (ah, the guilt) that I needed to learn the ASL signs about sexual abuse so I could teach them to my son until after the fact.

That’s “child love”? No, that is victimizing a helpless little child who COULDN’T SPEAK. I still get so angry about this and my son is 28 now. Do you see how pedophiles are? I don’t care how they portray themselves, they are depraved and evil. My youngest daughter was raped and molested at 11 years old. At least she can hear and told me. Oy.

I survived daily sexual abuse from my adopted “mother” and I hoped my children would never experience it, but I was wrong. The man who raped my daughter was a member of our church! He worshipped with us, ate at the same table with us, and knew my family well…and this is how he abused our trust. I haven’t been in a church since because I don’t condone or believe in organized religion anymore.

If you have a deaf child, keep an eye on who they are with at all times. As unpleasant as it is, learn the signs necessary so you can teach your deaf child how to tell you if they are being molested. I was a vigilant mother, but it still happened to 2 of my children. I’m sure pedos like to go after special needs kids, especially if they’re young and can’t talk. Do you see why I loathe them so much? I will until I die and I’m not keeping my mouth shut about them. I want to give you as much info about them as I can dig up. They don’t want you to know about them. Too bad. I’m a mother on a mission. We must educate and protect our children!

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