Pedophile – an adult who is sexually attracted to young children.


April 3, 2012 by sirkissa

Hello. Those of you who read my blog may know how I feel about pedophiles. I loathe them. Me and 2 of my children were victims of them so my feelings are quite strong. Well in my travels on the internet I have come across many pedophile sites. I am listing some here so you as a parent, care-giver, foster parent, etc. can be aware just how prevalent, bold and relentless they are. WARNING: These sites are incredibly disturbing, stomach churning, etc, but we must protect our children! Here’s an example of a site that has me reeling. Christian Boylove Forum. How can christian and boylove even be in the same sentence?! People, this is a serious problem!! Knowledge is power.

Free Spirits
GirlLove Garden
International BoyLoveDay
Visions of Alice
North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)
BoyMoment forum
BoyLove Media Watch

That’s enough for now. I’m not trying to upset anyone, but adults/parents need to know that pedophiles exist everywhere and are trying to become a nationally recognized minority here in the US. On the internet, they run amok. They create fake FB, MySpace profiles, enter kid’s forums, web sites, groups, chat rooms, message boards and so on to try and convince you and your children that sex with adults is wholesome and beautiful. It is against the law to have sex with a minor child in the USA and nothing they say will ever change my mind about them and their destruction of innocence and trust. For solace, check out the links to the left under the blogroll, to see how people are fighting to keep our children safe.

“Fight the good fight every moment, every minute, every day.
Fight the good fight every moment, make it worth the price we pay.” -Triumph

Now I’m off to watch The Lord of The Rings Extended Editions.

13 thoughts on “Pedophile – an adult who is sexually attracted to young children.

  1. […] Pedophile – an adult who is sexually attracted to young children … […]

  2. tabithachurch says:

    If you knew anything about pedophiles, or anti-pedophiles for that matter, you’d know that every single one of those links, with the exception of nambla, are sites owned and operated by real anti-pedophiles who actually know how to do their jobs.
    You’re obsessed with pedophiles because you are one, and you loathe yourself and take it out on humanity. If you weren’t so ignorant you’d have a real job, making a difference in the world, saving kids lives, working for me.
    The only reason you’re not in prison yet is because you’re mentally ill and more miserable than the perverts you’re obsessed with.
    Yes, knowledge is power, and you’ve proven yourself one of the weakest human beings I’ve come across in over 10 years, and your blog is the most spectacular display of wasted time spent online I’ve ever seen.

    • sirkissa says:

      I think you’re just mad because many of my posts are about you and Christian BoyLove Forum.

      • tabithachurch says:

        You are the one who is mad, because you’re dense. You just don’t get it. If you were an actual anti-pedophile who was worth his salt, you’d be able to tell who is a cop and who isn’t, and who is a pedo and who isn’t. But you can’t tell, because you’re only in this game because you’re dirty minded. You’re no detective. You should pour more energy into doing actual research, and less energy pretending your a big shot because you’re a small fry sirkissa.

  3. sirkissa says:

    Tabitha Syrah
    Age: 52
    Net Range –
    Name WASHINGTON-17
    Handle NET-71-231-0-0-1
    Parent JUMPSTART-5 (NET-71-224-0-0-1)
    Net Type Reassigned
    Origin AS
    Customer Comcast Cable Communications, Inc. (C01336571)
    Registration Date 2006-04-24
    Last Updated 2006-04-24
    Worked at Nationwide Children’s Hospital
    Attends College of ABC’s
    Lives in Green Lake, Seattle, WA, United States

    I am Founder of Utopia Rapture Priory Soul Temple Mutual Dream Network.
    Custodian of Tabitha Church.
    Prioress at Chapel of the Girls.
    Author of The Absolute Truth of All Things.
    Leader of the entire English speaking GirLover community online.


    Profile for Telepylus
    Member # 159084
    Title Babyman
    Total Posts 996
    Average Posts Per Day 0.31Graph

    Homepage: doesn’t exist
    Occupation: Author/Nanny
    Hobbies: Transcendental Wizardry
    Location: Seattle
    Bio: I’m the Founder of U/R PST MDN (Utopia/Rapture Priory Soul Temple Mutual-Dream-Network) and Author of TATOAT (The Absolute Truth of All Things)
    User is banned.

    Honesty. Omniscience.
    Nationwide Children’s Hospital

    This is what YOU put on the internet. I don’t know about LE? Think what you like. You indicated you’re the leader of the GL community online. I believe you.

  4. sirkissa says:

    I updated your info above. I can add more if you like.

    • tabithachurch says:

      See, that is why you cannot do your job properly and you belong in prison. Do you really think any “leader” of any “gl community” could actually be a real pedophile? If you think that is true you are dumb. The people who lead these boards, are anti’s dude. If you were an anti who was worth his salt, you’d know that. But you’re so preoccupied with jacking off all day, you pay no attention to who is really in charge of monitoring pedophiles. It’s not you buddy. It was me. I don’t do it anymore though because I’m sick of it.

      When you post my information, all it did was help me bust more perverts, so thanks.
      But you look like a fool because you’re clueless who you’re dealing with.
      You spend more time harassing cops than you do actual pedophiles.
      You’d think you’d want to work with real antis, but you don’t, because you’re the pedo.
      Keep it up buddy, see where it gets you.

    • tabithachurch says:

      That is just what is soo dense about you dude.
      I’m already proven NOT a pedophile.
      And the Truth is, you totally profile like one.
      Get it thru your thick head. I’m only tryin’ to do you a favor.
      Seriously, if you have children, they will be taken away because you are psychotic.

  5. sirkissa says:

    *yawn* Okay. Your picture is of the the actress who played the daughter, Tabitha on the show Bewitched. That is why you use her name. You are 52 yrs old. It’s a small matter to find out your real name now.

  6. sirkissa says:

    A threat. Good. Now all above info will be given to all the appropriate people and LE in Seattle where they have jurisdiction. Thanks.

  7. sirkissa says:


    “I’m already proven NOT a pedophile.” Interesting. Every comment you make reveals a little more about you.

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