Paraklesis is a quarterly publication of the Christian Boylove Forum (CBF). Its purpose is to provide mutual support and encouragement for Christian boylovers, to discuss ethical, spiritual, and emotional issues surrounding boylove, to encourage responsible behavior, and to promote dialog and understanding. Permission is granted to freely copy and distribute this publication for non-commercial purposes […]

It’s My Blog, so I can vent

There is something I don’t understand. When I see a crime scene photo of a dead baby burned and left in a ditch like trash, I wonder where is “God”? Yes, I know that he doesn’t cause these things to happen, but why does he allow it? How low does the human race have to […]

My Story of Sorts

I’m posting this to heighten deaf awareness. I have a deaf son who was sodomized when he was 7 years old while visiting a friend with his older brother. He was the perfect victim, he couldn’t speak or know the sign language for telling someone. My oldest son walked in on it when it happened, […]

Child Pornography: America’s Greatest Shame

The Secret Violence Affecting Children Nationwide and What You Can Do to Stop It #1 – If you find child pornography, report it. Studies show that there is a one-to-one correlation between viewing child pornography and being a child molester. If you find child pornography on a friend or family member’s computer, cellphone, iPod, or […]

Grooming Techniques of Pedophiles

Child predators come in all levels of intelligence, in every race, in every height, and in every age. There is no way to identify them from the next, other than their desire to commit horrific acts on children. Some predators are bolder and braver than others. Some hide behind their computer lurking in chat rooms […]

Pedophile Symbols

Anytime you see these, it has something to do with pedophiles or “minor-attracted adults”. This information is for parents, educators, etc.