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Philippine police close-down another online ‘sextortion’ ring

One frightening new development in the child sex trade is the advent of online “cyber sex.” In this form of CSEC, children are expected to perform, alone or with another child, sex acts for customers online before a web-cam. Paying $56 or more a minute, customers type in their instructions on the computer and watch them being carried out via a web-cam.

Appalling. Depraved. There aren’t enough words to express my horror and disgust that selfish mutants would do this to children.

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Simple minds

Wow, they have a small thread about me, the “garbage blogger.”

For you simple minded pedophiles – I have a daughter who was groomed, molested and RAPED at 10 years old. She has been in therapy and it’s affected her all her life and she’s 35 now. It was a friend’s husband who did this. So I can loathe you as much as I want. I may have thoughts of you child molesters all being executed, but I do NOT act on them. But while you get 3 hots and a cot in prison, I had to pay for my daughter’s counseling. I had to hold her while she wept and told me the vile things he did to her. I had to help my other 3 children cope with what happened to her. It devastated my family and worst of all, he stole my precious little girl’s innocence. How dare he do these things and go to the same church, eat with us, visit us, etc. But you pedos don’t care or want to hear about that. You delude yourselves into thinking “your young friends, yf” like being molested because you “love them”.
Bullshit. You only love yourselves and your selfish twisted desires.



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Your stupidity is showing, pedos

Tabitha Syrah
Worked at Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Attends College of ABC’s
Lives in Green Lake, Seattle, WA, United States
Tabitha Syrah
1 year ago
“Anon is guilty for more child rape than anyone. They interfere with ongoing police investigations, and they lead young girls into the arms of pedophiles. If you ever uncover the location of an Anon member, or their family, let me know so I can put an end to them.”

Want more info on this person from Christian BoyLove Forum? :)

p.s. I also pass the info to Pedo-Hunters and Anonymous members. :)


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Alice Day – April 25

It happens every year. Pedophiles gather together, take their cameras to parks, pools, malls, anywhere children hang out so they can take pics and add them to their collections. Some even take them into Photoshop and alter them to make them sexual. The worst in my opinion are Nepi-Sexuals. Adults sexually attracted to babies and toddlers 0-4 yrs old. Depraved!!



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I am not a Satanist, I have never been a Satanist and never will be a Satanist. Got it? Stop trying to change the subject. This blog is about PEDOPHILES AND CHILD MOLESTERS and what they do. If the truth hurts…

I changed my avatar as I’m tired of it being used to deflect the topic of child abuse to nonsense. Oy.


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Satanic avatar – seriously??


“From Girl Chat:
Garbage blogger
Posted by Pierro on Wednesday, February 5 2014 at 05:12:29pm

Obsessed with murder and rape stories and sporting a satanic avatar to boot!”

Are you dumber than a box of rocks? My avatar was made from the above picture. It is a little girl signing “I love you” in American Sign Language (ASL), you dolt. My avatar also has the word DEAF on it because my son is deaf. A devils horn is with a CLOSED THUMB, Pierro. And obsessed? Yes I am with protecting children from child molesters. The only enjoyment I get out of it is outing you and educating the public about your tactics.

“Satanic avatar.” *rolls eyes”

Posted in response to above post: From Girl Chat:

Re: Garbage blogger
Posted by Forever_GL on Thursday, February 6 2014 at 03:30:40am
In reply to Garbage blogger posted by Pierro on Wednesday, February 5 2014 at 05:12:29pm

“Pfft. Don’t even need to open the page.

As far as obsessions are concerned, each to their own.

No, what really disturbs me is the fact its perfectly legal to post crap like that online.

Really, we all know who are the real monsters in this world….”

OMG. That would be hilarious if the topic of GirlLovers wasn’t so repugnant.


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Pedophile symbols and jewelry

Pedophiles and pedophile jewelry. They don’t want you to recognize these symbols, so parents/caregivers please learn them!!




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