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.onion sites – the hidden web where pedophiles hide

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.onion Introduced: 2004
TLD type: Pseudo-domain-style host suffix
Status: Not in root, but used by Tor clients, servers, and proxies
Registry: Tor
Intended use: To designate a hidden service reachable via Tor
Actual use: Used by Tor users for services in which both the provider and the user are anonymous and difficult to trace
Registration restrictions: Addresses are “registered” automatically by Tor client when a hidden service is set up
Structure: Names are opaque strings generated from public keys
Documents: Tor design document
Dispute policies: N/A

.onion is a pseudo-top-level domain host suffix (similar in concept to such endings as .bitnet and .uucp used in earlier times) designating an anonymous hidden service reachable via the Tor network. Such addresses are not actual DNS names, and the .onion TLD is not in the Internet DNS root, but with the appropriate proxy software installed, Internet programs such as Web browsers can access sites with .onion addresses by sending the request through the network of Tor servers. The purpose of using such a system is to make both the information provider and the person accessing the information more difficult to trace, whether by one another, by an intermediate network host, or by an outsider.

Addresses in the .onion pseudo-TLD are opaque, non-mnemonic, 16-character alpha-semi-numeric hashes which are automatically generated based on a public key when a hidden service is configured. These 16-character hashes can be made up of any letter of the alphabet, and decimal digits beginning with 2 and ending with 7, thus representing an 80-bit number in base32.

The “onion” name refers to onion routing, the technique used by Tor to achieve a degree of anonymity.

WWW to .onion Gateways
See also: Tor2web

Proxies into the Tor network like Tor2web, and allow access to hidden services from non-Tor browsers and for search engines that are not Tor-aware. By using a gateway, users give up their own anonymity and trust the gateway to deliver the correct content. Both the gateway and the hidden service can fingerprint the browser, and access user IP address data. Some Proxies use caching techniques to provide a better page-loading[1] than the official TOR-Bundle.[2] To use a gateway, replace the domain suffix .onion of any hidden service by,[3][4] or[5]

.exit is a pseudo-top-level domain used by Tor users to indicate on the fly to the Tor software the preferred exit node that should be used while connecting to a service such as a web server, without having to edit the configuration file for Tor (torrc)

The syntax used with this domain is hostname + .exitnode + .exit, so that a user wanting to connect to through node tor26 would have to enter the URL

Example uses for this include accessing a site available only to addresses of a certain country or checking if a certain node is working.

Users can also type exitnode.exit alone to access the IP address of exitnode.

The .exit notation is disabled by default as of version[6]


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Pedophile tactics

This is the modus operandi: pedophiles go online, meet and flatter targets, lie about their ages and/or identities, pretend to be young and/or wealthy and/or celebrities, gain children’s trust, and then abuse them by cajoling them, whether it’s by talking them into taking lewd selfies, creating Skype accounts and then convincing them to strip in front of a camera, sextorting them by threatening to tell parents or share images publicly, or even, in some cases, meeting in real life.

At this point, both Google and Facebook are paving the way for preteen customers. Parents, know who your child is talking to online!


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Philippine police close-down another online ‘sextortion’ ring

One frightening new development in the child sex trade is the advent of online “cyber sex.” In this form of CSEC, children are expected to perform, alone or with another child, sex acts for customers online before a web-cam. Paying $56 or more a minute, customers type in their instructions on the computer and watch them being carried out via a web-cam.

Appalling. Depraved. There aren’t enough words to express my horror and disgust that selfish mutants would do this to children.

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Simple minds

Wow, they have a small thread about me, the “garbage blogger.”

For you simple minded pedophiles – I have a daughter who was groomed, molested and RAPED at 10 years old. She has been in therapy and it’s affected her all her life and she’s 35 now. It was a friend’s husband who did this. So I can loathe you as much as I want. I may have thoughts of you child molesters all being executed, but I do NOT act on them. But while you get 3 hots and a cot in prison, I had to pay for my daughter’s counseling. I had to hold her while she wept and told me the vile things he did to her. I had to help my other 3 children cope with what happened to her. It devastated my family and worst of all, he stole my precious little girl’s innocence. How dare he do these things and go to the same church, eat with us, visit us, etc. But you pedos don’t care or want to hear about that. You delude yourselves into thinking “your young friends, yf” like being molested because you “love them”.
Bullshit. You only love yourselves and your selfish twisted desires.



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Your stupidity is showing, pedos

Tabitha Syrah
Worked at Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Attends College of ABC’s
Lives in Green Lake, Seattle, WA, United States
Tabitha Syrah
1 year ago
“Anon is guilty for more child rape than anyone. They interfere with ongoing police investigations, and they lead young girls into the arms of pedophiles. If you ever uncover the location of an Anon member, or their family, let me know so I can put an end to them.”

Want more info on this person from Christian BoyLove Forum? :)

p.s. I also pass the info to Pedo-Hunters and Anonymous members. :)


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Alice Day – April 25

It happens every year. Pedophiles gather together, take their cameras to parks, pools, malls, anywhere children hang out so they can take pics and add them to their collections. Some even take them into Photoshop and alter them to make them sexual. The worst in my opinion are Nepi-Sexuals. Adults sexually attracted to babies and toddlers 0-4 yrs old. Depraved!!



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I am not a Satanist, I have never been a Satanist and never will be a Satanist. Got it? Stop trying to change the subject. This blog is about PEDOPHILES AND CHILD MOLESTERS and what they do. If the truth hurts…

I changed my avatar as I’m tired of it being used to deflect the topic of child abuse to nonsense. Oy.


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