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Become Educated about Pedophiles

“Remember, once I start, I will do everything possible to continue molesting your child. I am sexually turned on by kids and I enjoy being sexual with them. If I have had a lot of practice, I can become very skilled at offending. I will not stop on my own. I am very selfish and do not care if my behavior is hurting your child. After I’ve begun molesting your child, I maintain his cooperation and silence through guilt, shame, fear and, sometimes, ‘love’.”

Do you get it? With this mindset, we must be vigilant and educate ourselves about pedophiles.

BoyLove logo used by pedophiles

BoyLove logo used by pedophiles

GirlLove logo used by pedophiles

GirlLove logo used by pedophiles

used by pedophiles

used by pedophiles

Symbols used by pedophiles.


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If only!



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The Boy Business – pedophiles terrorizing children on film

The Boy Business

“Boylovers and girllovers huh? BULLSHIT. Like the cop said, you CAN’T love children and do this to them. You can see the pain and fear, they aren’t enjoying being drugged, tied up and molested in some of the worst ways imaginable. I believe in the death penalty for serial rapists, serial murderers and child molesters/pedophiles. Normal people don’t really want to know the horror because they can’t handle it. Well, imagine how the child feels! Scarred for life if they aren’t killed. These mutants only think of their sick gratification, nothing else matters to them. It’s like meth addiction. Or any addiction. I’ve been reporting and monitoring them for 10 years now and they seem to be everywhere. They are insidious. The longer society hides it’s head in the sand, this evil will continue. It’s not going to go away because people can’t or won’t deal with it. All children are endangered, we as parents/caregivers must be vigilant in watching over our future generations, these are our children!!

nepi rape – Nepisexual (NEPI, Nepiophilia, Infantophilia) – is the sexual attraction towards babies and toddlers (usually aged 0 – 4 to 5 years).
DEPRAVED! SEE WHAT PEDOS WANT TO VIEW?? WHY ON EARTH WOULD PEOPLE WANT TO SEE “BRUTAL INFANT ANAL RAPE”? BABIES BEING BRUTALLY RAPED ANALLY! How can you WANT to watch terrified babies screaming in horror and pain as they are being ripped to shreds internally as they are being sexually violated by an adult penis? WHAT THE HOLY FUCK!!! WHAT KIND OF PERSON WANTS TO VIEW/OR COMMIT THAT KIND OF DEPRAVITY??? OY! Mutants! I loathe and deplore you!


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Another point of view on previous post

Abusive Positions.


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I wish.

I wish.

I wish! And it’s my blog, so I can say/post what I like. Deal.


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Pedophilia Now Classified as Sexual Orientation

Pedophilia Now Classified as Sexual Orientation.

Cripes, now they are saying they are “recognized” and they have rights. The are “validated.” Give me a break. You are not validated to molest and destroy children. I don’t care what you say. I’ve read that some of you had sexual experiences with an adult when you were kids. You say it didn’t harm you or you enjoyed it. Well, my 2 molested/raped kids didn’t enjoy it and it certainly harmed/scarred them. If you don’t molest kids, good for you. But for those of you who do, you are being watched, hounded, monitored, and reported every day. Pedo-Hunters, LE and others like myself abhor you and will do everything we can to stop you from molesting children. Go away mutants!


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Daycare Worker Raped Babies While Boyfriend Directed on Phone

Give me strength! Vile, depraved mutants are breeding and practicing their depraved filth on our innocent children!

“Heather Koon was arrested last week for raping a two-year-old baby at the daycare center where she worked in Lorain County, Ohio.

Now prosecutors say Koon raped the baby at the request of her boyfriend, James Osborne, who is a registered sex offender.

“We’re not alleging that (Osborne) actually entered the day care center,” Assistant Lorain County Prosecutor Tony Cillo told a local newspaper. “We have a substantial amount of evidence showing that he was soliciting and aiding and abetting and they were being done at his behest by phone.”

It seems Osborne would maniacally direct the abuse from home while on the phone with Koon. He would also have Koon videotape the rape so that he could watch it later.” Read the story.

They could both get life in prison if convicted. How about a bullet to the back of the head and be done with it? We get to feed, clothe, house and fulfill medical needs for these useless wastes of air while the infants and their traumatized families will have to PAY for their own care or therapy. Is that fair? NO. Is it fair that a mother can’t take her babies to daycare so she can work and know that they are safe? NO. What the fuck! Don’t people do background checks anymore? Why aren’t there security cameras in every fucking daycare center? These people are watching our CHILDREN, not our plants, our precious children! This is abhorrent and deplorable!!! I am so mad I can’t type straight. THIS is why I report and monitor pedophiles. THIS is why I put myself through bouts of wrath and despair. THIS is why LE and Anonymous work so hard, to stop sick twisted mutants like these from hurting children. There is NO justification for this depravity. NONE.


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